Daily Prompt: Success!

“Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did.”

I attended a conference as an actor and just on a whim sat in on a screenwriting session. I had written columns. I had written books. I had written magazine articles. During a break I was chatting writing with the screenwriter and she asked to see some of my stuff. As luck would have it, I had a draft of the Civil War Trilogy I was working on in my bag. She took a look at it and said “You may not realize this, but you’re really a screenwriter.”

I hadn’t realized it, but I love movies and when I write, I see the movie in my head and write it down. It made sense.

She taught me screenwriting format, but I still had no clue where to go from there.

One rainy night I couldn’t sleep. I was looking at my partly finished novels and couldn’t get excited about any of them except the one I had no time to research. But my heart wanted to write again.

“Lord, if you want me to be a writer, let me know.”

In the sidebar of the computer there appeared a little yellow cat swinging from a rope. It looked like Punkin, a cat I had in college. It turned out to be the cover of a book on screenwriting called Save the Cat by Blake Snyder. I can take a hint. I bought the book and his second one and his third one. Turned out there was a forum to go with it. http://www.blakesnyder.com/ There I met some great people and one of the moderators mentioned a screenwriting contest that seemed right up my alley. The only catch was the deadline was really soon. So I wrote like crazy to meet the deadline, which I did (but with the wrong draft.) I nearly died. Even so, it still made the finals of the Raw Talent contest. From there I went to the Gideon Conference http://gideonfilmfestival.wordpress.com where I met the sponsor of the contest and a lot of other writers, actors, film people. The actor I had in mind for the grandfather in my script was the keynote speaker and he told me how much he enjoyed my script and would love to play that part. What were the chances of that?

I entered that script (the correct version this time) in the Kairos Screenplay Contest where it made the semi-finals.

I’m still hoping to get the film made. That part hasn’t happened yet, but I’m hopeful.