Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

View from Honeymoon Island

View from Honeymoon Island

Winter is hiking season in Florida, at least for my friends Jane and Linda and me. Jane is a snowbird (and photographer – she took these photos) who comes down from New York for the winter. Linda travels – a lot – in her job. Hikes are arranged around Jane’s arrival and departure and between Linda’s business trips. Add my shows and day job into the mix and it can be tricky getting everyone together. But somehow we manage.

We almost didn’t make the Honeymoon Island hike. The weather was rotten all week, drizzly rain and grayness (unacceptable to Floridians for more than a day – we pout when we get nasty weather) and that particular Saturday was hinting at more of the same. We discussed not going for about a minute, but it had been way too long since we had seen each other so we decided if we were going to drown in the rain, we’d do it together in a beautiful place with great conversation along the way.

As luck would have it, the rain held off (more or less) until we finished our hike, then when light sprinkles turned into definite drizzle we went on to explore nearby Dunedin where we could sprint from shop to restaurant to another shop again. That turned to be one of our favorite hikes in a list of really good ones.

Hiking in the rain with friends is a great way to spend the day.