Daily Prompt – Too Big to Fail

“Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).”

I would write all morning, play and write music all afternoon, do shows at night and make movies every chance I got.

I would have my very own island retreat with a hammock overlooking a warm sea and a pile of books to be read and books to be read again. Plenty of trails to explore, plenty of room for family and friends, plenty of marshmallows for cookouts at night. I would have a teak rolltop writing desk for rainy days and a porch with an ocean view for pretty days. The porch would have a swing on it.

I would have time to savor every moment.

Why I haven’t tried it yet:
There’s this thing about bills to be paid…working on figuring out how I can do that out of corporate world.

I do make movies every chance I get (working around the day job and theatre at night). I’m on temporary hiatus from theatre since November due to my mother-in-law’s long hospital stay and passing a few months ago, but will (hopefully) return.

I have a far too high stack of “to be read” books and am relying more on audiobooks during my daily commute. Must fix that.

I do have a hammock and while I don’t spend a lot of time there, the time I do spend is precious and usually with a good book in hand and a cherry coke on the end table. Now if I can just stay awake long enough to read the book…

I am writing again after a long hiatus from columns, the occasional short story, screenplays, magazine articles. Need to write more. And get paid for it.

I used to get paid for my music – should probably investigate that again. Hmmm…

So in the meantime I write my Friday morning Coffee in My Garden, Sunday Morning Sing Along, and whatever else I can squeeze in while earning a living, spending enough time with family so I don’t have to introduce myself, walking the dogs, singing in the church choir, blowing the dust off my piano on occasion, playing my flute from time to time, exploring my new violin and karaoke in the car, doing theatre as often as I can.

It’s a good life and I love it. Looking forward to my next chapter.