Updated: Sunday Morning Sing Along – Bird’s Choice – Bridge on the River Kwai Theme

Our parrot

Our parrot

Ah Sunday! A day for slowing down and bonding with family – human, furry, feathered or otherwise.

Our parrot had a request – Bridge on the River Kwai Theme Song (aka Col. Bogey March), which makes it more of a whistle along, this time. This is her favorite song. She hasn’t learned the whole thing yet, but she has the first phrase down – and makes me whistle the rest of it repeatedly. She’ll whistle the first phrase, then look at me. If I don’t follow with the next phrase, she’ll give a “what comes next?” whistle. If I don’t respond right away, she’ll do as much of the next phrase as she knows and look at me again. If the next phrase isn’t forthcoming, she’ll squawk. And so it goes throughout the song. I wish she would let me record her doing this, but she only wants to eat the camera.

She is a Quaker Parrot, small in body but very large in spirit.

So today let’s give thanks for our friends, family, freedom, the good things in our lives.

And sing – or in this case whistle – along…

Update: Even though Beanie did not initially like the camera, she developed a fondness for being filmed. I wish I had a video of me sitting down to enjoy my coffee and her immediately going into showoff mode (wolf whistle, Baby, Boo, Meow, River Kwai March), then me getting back up and trying to get her to do all of that on video. I have at least 3 videos of me waiting for her to do something and her looking at the camera. No camera – chirps, whistles, Broadway mode. Camera – nada. (This scene will eventually show up in one of my screenplays.)

Xena had enough of all the attention the bird was getting and decided I should be filming her. Not the parrot. Not the squirrels. Her. And only her. And if I didn’t put the camera on her, then she would go where the camera was and fill it with fur.

Someday I may learn how to switch focus between close up and far away on a moment’s notice, but seeing as how I found the on/off switch for the camera itself, eventually figured out how to adjust it so I’m keeping more photos than I’m deleting, figured out how to upload pics and videos onto my computer and eventually get them to end up here, it’s been a full week!