Coffee in My Garden – Another View

Normally Friday mornings are my time to relax, reflect, breathe a little bit, enjoy the serenity of my garden and touch base with the squirrels and birds that I only catch occasional glimpses of during the work week.

This morning my garden is in chaos. Everything had to be moved for the pressure washers (who arrived bright and early Sunday morning on a holiday weekend, no less) and can’t be moved back until after the painters arrive and do their thing (who knows?). Landscapers have partially replaced the timber that borders my garden, but it’s not done yet. The deck looks horrible post pressure washing – now there are gaping holes in the paint.

0700 – I went grocery shopping. No clouds.

0830 – I took the pups for a walk around the neighborhood. White fluffy clouds.

0900 – I put out peanuts for the squirrels, hung the Mesmer on bird feeder (the birds don’t seem to mind – it has wings, that seems to be good enough for them). Cue breeze. The squirrels emptied their bowl in record time (with the help of the blue jays who also love peanuts) so now I’m tossing them out one by one. They keep looking at the bowl and looking at me as if to say “you’re doing it wrong.” My husband is the peanut tosser. They’re discombobulated too.

Outdoor Office #3 - the deck

Outdoor Office #3 – the deck

0915 – Moved the laptop, the cushions, my coffee, the camera and last but not least, the parrot out to the deck and all of a sudden we are surrounded by gray clouds from out of nowhere.

Where did those come from?

Where did those come from?

Not allowed.

Steadfastly resisting the urge to look at weather radar on my phone, preferring instead to wish the clouds away but writing fast and planning bug out just in case.

I had it for a minute – the sun appeared and blue skies from the south. Wahoo!

Which will win - sun or storm? Come on, blue skies!

Which will win – sun or storm? Come on, blue skies!

It is rather like the Civil War (or as my great-aunts used to call it “The Recent Unpleasantness”) with half the sky blue and half the sky gray – weather version.

But we are adaptable and we will make do. Gizmo doesn’t care where we are as long as he has his water and a place to nap.

Adaptability on display

Adaptability on display

We may get lucky.

The sun is trying its best to scoot the grayness to the west with the assistance of a stiff breeze.

As it turns out, this is a much better place to get great shots of birds at the feeder, but the birds are not cooperating. I take pictures of them all the time from the lanai but while they don’t mind me being here personally, they’re not too sure about the camera.

The birds were here a second ago...

The birds were here a second ago…

1000 – the sun returns!

Sunshine Wins! Hurrah!

Sunshine Wins! Hurrah!

Have a great day, everyone!