Sunday Morning Sing Along – Good Day Sunshine

Whatcha doin'?

Whatcha doin’?

In case you’re wondering why I’ve started posting Sunday Morning Sing Along on Saturday the past couple of weeks, it’s because I have followers on the other side of the world (that makes me happy) who were getting it on Monday. So in hopes that everyone gets to enjoy Sunday Morning Sing Along whenever their Sunday falls, I’m posting it a little early for us and hopefully closer to the right time for them 🙂

I finally got some pictures of Mr. Blue Jay! Hurrah! (after deleting 8,952 pictures of an empty spot where he was a second before the shutter snapped and after deleting 5,826 blurry photos which I was tempted to post and go “no, that’s a blue jay, really” – hey, it worked for Picasso!)

Raiding the peanut bowl

Raiding the peanut bowl

Happy Sunday, y’all!