Coffee in My Garden – My First Art Show

Victoria (painter), Me, Maureen (sculptor), Shari (painter), Elle (poet), Cheryl (painter), Lillian (painter, photographer)

Victoria (painter), Me, Maureen (sculptor), Shari (painter), Elle (poet), Cheryl (painter), Lillian (painter, photographer)

Last night it was my honor and privilege to be in the company of some truly amazing women. We all came to know each other through The Artist’s Way (at various times and various combinations). (I never made it beyond the first couple of weeks – after a long hiatus from theatre I was offered a show and off I went). Some of us from that original group went on to study The Vein of Gold which I did manage to finish (working around various rehearsal schedules) and it culminated in my first art show along with our Magnificent Seven.

I’ve always been an actress, a writer (did my first picture book at age 5 – The Horse Who Went to Heaven) prose and illustrations by me. The 5-year-old would have said “Of course I’ll be in an art show some day.”

When my VOG friends started planning the art show at the end I thought “how nice for them” – they were pros.
And then they looked at me and said “what are you going to do?”

My friends are all fabulous artists, all very different and I stand in complete awe of their talent.

Me: Did I mention I am not an artist?
Them: Yes, you are. Remember that picture book? Remember those caricatures you did in college? Remember those poems you wrote in the shape of words and stairs and a heart?
Me: Yeah, but that was just doodling.
Them: That was your art. Plus you sing and play the piano and play the flute and dance and do theatre. What do you mean you’re not an artist? Besides, you’ll screw up our theme song if you’re not there. We can’t do the Magnificent Seven song if there are only six of us so suck it up, buttercup and get with the program! (This is not a direct quote, but you get the idea).

And thus was born my participation in the Magnificent Seven art show.

I wish I could say I had brilliant fine art, or cozy, warm your feet by the fire art, or step into this picture and enter paradise art or sculpture so real I kept expecting it to come to life and swim around the room. They did, but I wasn’t ready for that yet. I still felt like an imposter being there with my photographs, my one mask (we each did one in our own style), my published short story and magazine article. When one woman pointed to my mask, turned to me and said “This is gorgeous, who did this?” I managed to almost whisper “It’s mine.” Overhearing, one of my VOG sisters put her arm around me and said “Isn’t it fabulous?” and total strangers agreed that it was and asked me what else I had. To which I replied “That’s pretty much it” and another VOG sister told them about my show and about my music “and she draws, too.” To which I wanted to reply, “not anymore” but that would have been rude.

It took me three books (we did Walking in This World – my personal favorite after that) to have the courage to pick up a sketch book and pencil again (after almost thirty years) and I picked up where I left off – with step by step kids’ tutorials on line. So I’m doing a picture a day in my little sketchbook and they make me smile.

Venturing back into art

Venturing back into art

Now we’re doing Daring Greatly . No telling where that may lead (along with the support of my family, who God bless them, is firm and unwavering in their belief that I can do anything).