When did you last write a letter??

Letters from home are loved and longed for by those away, letters from away are loved and longed for by those back home.

My life! My Way!

SAMSUNG CSCWhen was the last time?  The last time you wrote a letter??  A handwritten letter?  A letter just because…

There is something so very special about holding an envelope, knowing that not so long ago the sender too had held that letter in their hands.

And as you stand, knowing who it is from, holding it to you, it is the most precious gift that can be given.

This morning a FFAL (Forces Free Air Letter), a bluey sent from a distant shore and written from a Guard ‘box’ in the middle of the night, was posted through my letterbox.

I stood holding that gift to me, relishing the moment which had taken me by surprise.  In that moment my world took a breath and my heart a jump.  What is it in such a simple blue envelope that could bring so many emotions, could stop a world and spin…

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