Coffee in My Garden – When All Else Fails, Improvise

When all else fails - Improvise

When all else fails – Improvise

My laptop keyboard died last weekend for no apparent reason. Just as I had made the commitment to transition into writing full time. Coincidence or Satan’s attempt to derail me? You decide.

Me: I don’t have time for this. I have a deadline looming. I cannot afford to lose any writing time. You need to work. Now.

I sulked.

It’s at times like this my old military self steps in.

Air Force Me: McClendon, what are you doing?
Me: Throwing a hissy fit and pouting.
Air Force Me: Shouldn’t you be writing?
Me: Yes, but my keyboard doesn’t work.
Air Force Me: Ever hear of pen and paper?
Me: I can’t submit a handwritten screenplay!
Air Force Me: No, but you can get it all down and type it in later, right?
Me: That’s a pain.
Air Force Me: So you’re going to fail a mission because you can’t have everything exactly the way you want it? What a princess.

Hubby, who has brought many a computer back from the dead (and I have no doubt will figure out what’s wrong with this one as soon as he has a day off) supplied me with an extra keyboard, God bless him.

I tried to fit laptop, extra keyboard, and mouse on my lap desk in my indoor office (me curled up in the corner of the couch). It didn’t work very well.
Air Force Me: Oh, boo hoo. Sell your screenplay and get a real desk.

Setting up my outdoor office took a bit of juggling to get all of my essentials on this tiny bistro table in my garden: Laptop, extra keyboard, camera, video camera, notebook, mouse, coffee cup – but I did it!

Air Force Me: We did it.

And then Xena, my cat writing buddy, jumped onto the table and nearly sent everything crashing. I made her get down and now she’s sulking.

Xena's normal spot

Xena’s usual spot

Air Force Me: She’s a cat. She’ll get over it.

Now on to Act Two…