Weekly Photo Challenge – Sea

Beach walk - Ponce Inlet, Florida

Beach walk – Ponce Inlet, Florida

I was born in a sea port, could swim before I could walk, and the beach has always been my favorite escape.

My preferred place to study was in a sailboat with the sea, the wind, the birds and the occasional dolphin for company. Second best was at the end of our pier (it wasn’t technically “our” pier but it was at the end of our street and I was usually the only one on it, therefore it was mine). Most afternoons I would come home from school and the dogs and I would head down the hill to the beach. We’d walk on the beach, maybe swim a bit, then I’d do my homework at the end of the pier, we’d watch the sunset (which set smack in the middle of Mobile Bay and has ruined me for sunsets anywhere else in the world ever since) and hike back up to our house near the top of the hill. I always thought that should have been reversed – uphill would have been easier first thing rather than after hours of swimming and walking on the beach – but I was much thinner then and now I realize why.

Nothing heals my soul, calms my spirit, or spurs my creativity more than a trip to the beach. I still hold out hope of a beach house in my future.

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