Weekly Photo Challenge – From Lines to Patterns

I tried to catch a photo of one of the squirrels scampering across the high wire, but this particular squirrel was not in search of his fifteen minutes of fame. He escaped into this tree. I noticed that this particular tree, no doubt a hurricane survivor, grows at an angle. It’s not a very big angle, just enough to give the impression that it was bending over to whisper a secret or listen to what I had to say.

The Bending Tree

The Bending Tree

I love the feathery texture and shape of this baby palm. It isn’t really a baby – it’s been here for years, but is still small as palms go.

Baby Palm

Baby Palm

Coming back to my outside office, I noticed the roundness of the rocks juxtaposed with the lines of the stepping stones and occasional bit of pine straw.

Rocks in My Garden

Patterns in My Garden

My spot of ground was sunny and beautiful. It wasn’t until I turned around that I saw the clouds sneaking in behind me. I like the unyielding strength of the ship against the gathering clouds. It made me think of courage in the face of danger.

Sailing into Danger

Sail on!

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