Weekly Photo Challenge – Good Morning

Every day is a gift

Every day is a gift

Yesterday was a good day. The parrot and I hit the garden early, along with the red-winged blackbirds, several cardinal families, a quick flyby from our tufted titmouse family I hadn’t seen in a while, waves of squirrels. My beautiful swallowtail butterfly came by as well as a new orange one and a small yellow one I hadn’t seen before. I wasn’t quick enough with my camera to catch much of the activity at the feeder, flowers, and peanut bowl and had put it away entirely by the time my blue jay, oddly late to the party, landed surprisingly close to me to say hello and inquire about his accustomed peanut.

Rare sight of cardinal and squirrel together

Rare sight of tiny cardinal and squirrel together

Normally I start my day with a huge list. I have lists for the day, the week, the month, the year – and they have far more on them than any living person could possibly do.

View with my first cup of coffee

View with my first cup of coffee

I am an optimist by nature. Climb Mount Everest in sneakers and a sweatshirt with only a protein bar, a camera, and a water bottle in my pocket? No problem. By noon? If we start right now…

When our children were small and being chauffeured to baseball, soccer, ballet, Scouts, back in the days when one or both of us was expected to work overtime, I was doing shows (or later on when Daughter and I were both doing shows), I became a master scheduler. We all became very good at juggling who needed to be where when and in what order, a skill that has served all of us well over the years.

Thankfully, things are much easier now.

During a crisis, I can still do the impossible.

The rest of the time, honestly I’d rather enjoy my family, my friends, my garden, explore new trails and parks with the dogs, write my future best seller/Academy Award winning movie, read fabulous books, make our house more beautiful and comfortable, make music with my piano, flute, and violin, and draw things that at least vaguely resemble the objects in real life.

Yesterday I just said a prayer for the good Lord to guide me as to where best to spend my time and energy and let the day fall where it would.

It worked so well I think I’ll do that again today.

View with my second cup of coffee

View with my second cup of coffee

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