Open Letter to My U.S. Government – This Veteran is Mad as Hell – Listen Up! That’s an Order

This good Catholic girl is mad as hell (and I never use that word, so that should tell you just how mad I am!) that:

1) WWII veterans were blocked from their memorial. Who does that? Playing hardball with 80 and 90-year olds? Really? Guess you showed them, huh? You really thought that men who fought in the Pacific and stormed Normandy were going to be terrified into submission by a couple of barricades? And when that didn’t work you really thought adding wire was going to deter them? Oohhhhhh! Why didn’t the Germans and Japanese think of that? (Insert eye roll here).

2) The Mall was closed to us taxpaying citizens but opened for illegal aliens to have a rally, complete with stage, sound system, portapotties and politicians who are supposed to be representing US? And we paid for it? I want my money back. I kept thinking “Surely this is going to be a sting and ICE will show up any minute, arrest them and deport them.” But they didn’t. Isn’t that the Law of the Land? Aren’t we really big on enforcing the Law of the Land these days? I keep hearing that…

3) Our parks are closed to us taxpaying citizens, elderly (do you detect a theme here?) taxpaying citizens are being ousted from their homes, we are forbidden to use our parks, those who try are being ticketed and having their cars towed, our tourists from all over are being locked in their hotel rooms – I’m sure that’ll really help our economy (didn’t you guys ever get the “good ambassador” lecture?). We are not being allowed to as much as photograph Mount Rushmore – what are you going to do – borrow a cloaking device from the Klingons to keep us from seeing it?

4) Fisher House has to bail out the DOD on death benefits for our service members’ families? Why? Did you spend it all on the illegal alien rally? My family has been a military family for generations. So our government (which we pay for) gave preferential treatment to illegal aliens (who are breaking our laws) while disrespecting those who loved this country and our freedoms (what’s left of them) enough to give their lives for it? And then our government adds to those grieving families’ pain? Not on my watch!

5) This veteran has had enough. Those are OUR Parks, those are OUR service people being disrespected and I for one will not stand for it. I don’t care what political party you are, this is wrong. By God, if this 56-year-old US Air Force veteran and Marine Mom decides to go rappelling down the face of Mount Rushmore, just try to arrest me. I dare you.