Observation Deck- The Queen’s Fool – Take Two


My compy went a little squirrelly on me yesterday so tried posting this from my phone. It worked, to a point. It posted the picture, but not the commentary. So here’s Take Two:

Monday-Friday I read to learn things. On Saturday and Sunday, I read for fun.

“…I was on the run, once again, and afraid, once again, and that this time I was perhaps in a worse case than I had been when we had run from Spain, or when we had run from Portugal, even when we had run from France. Because this time I was running with the pretender to the throne of England, with Lord Robert Dudley and his army in pursuit, and I was his vassal sworn; her trusted servant, and a Jew; but a practicing Christian, serving a Papist princess in a country sworn to be Protestant.”

This is why Philippa Gregory is famous and I’m not.