Weekend Sing Along – It’s All About Football!

Life has been busy of late. My plan was to take a year off of theatre to focus on writing and redoing the house. Theoretically this was supposed to give me more free time. In reality, I’m realizing just how overscheduled I really was (and continue to be). I keep thinking I’m building in vast stretches of free time as I slash one activity after another, but as of yet it hasn’t worked out that way. I love my life and I’m never bored, but this weekend I need to condense a bit (in hopes of really making Sunday a day of rest – wish me luck).

So this weekend Sunday morning sing-along is in honor of Saturday’s football.

Today the University of Alabama is playing the University of Tennessee and we have family members on both sides (we also have Auburn, Florida, LSU, Clemson, Ole Miss, Mississippi State – but this weekend it’s all about Alabama and Tennessee). A few years ago when we all lived in Orlando and converged on my big sister’s house to eat chili and watch football on the weekend, it was always an adventure. We have a large family with many universities represented and football season is always a rowdy time. These days we live across the country from each other and the football taunting is via texting instead of in person. It’s just not the same.

Roll Tide Roll!

Roll Tide Roll!

My husband and I met in the University of Alabama Million Dollar Band – I played the flute and he played the trumpet. We often passed each other on the 50-yard line. We were fortunate to be there during the reign of the legendary Paul “Bear” Bryant, a gentleman as well as one heck of a fine football coach. (The current coach, Nick Saban, is pretty good, too.) It was enough to turn even a non-football watcher (me) into a fan for life (at least when Bama’s playing). So here is the University of Alabama fight song – Yea Alabama! We always sang “Yea Alabama, Crimson Tide” but all the lyrics I found say “drown ’em tide” and there was nothing about the Rose Bowl when we were there, but whichever version you sing, sing loud!

And for the Tennessee side of the family – Rocky Top

Hey family – miss those football weekends! And a big Roll Tide to all!