Sunday Morning Sing Along – Monster Mash

Posting a little early this week – last night was Halloween and what better song than Monster Mash?

I was helping my daughter and her roommates move to their new house so we didn’t get to see trick or treaters this year, but we did notice that I had a giant hook sticking out of the top of one box (we’re all actors and we love Halloween so we have quite the assortment of costumes and props). So glad we didn’t get pulled over!

I know I’m biased, but I think we have the cutest kids in the world in our family. We’re all scattered from Florida to Alaska and places in between, but love seeing them via long distance when we can’t be there in person.


Caroline and James

Jays Kids

Joels Kids

Mackenzie GA

Sean Allen and Mackenzie

Shalices Kids

Shannons Kids 2

Shannons Kids

Bethanys Baby2

Happy Halloween, y’all!