Weekly Photo Challenge – Eerie

I didn’t think I’d have anything to add to this challenge (though I’ve enjoyed everyone’s posts), but as luck would have it, I just happened to look outside at the right moment to capture this

The sky was on fire

The sky was on fire

Sunrises here tend to be gentle, laid back, and pretty. This one spooked me.

Not sure what happened to the next photo, as I didn’t change any settings and the first picture was fine.

As always, my camera, Little Red, had something to say.

Little Red: I know what happened. You screwed up.
Me: I didn’t change anything.
Little Red: You’re not implying I did, are you? Delete it quick before someone sees it!
Me: No. I like it. It looks like a ghost blew through the yard. Fits the theme.
Little Red: Ghost. Right. I have a ghost setting, you know.
Me: I think that was it.
Little Red: You will mention that was my idea, won’t you?

As taken with Little Red's Spirit Setting

As taken with Little Red’s Ghost Setting

Little Red: That is a cool picture, isn’t it?
Me: I think so.
Little Red: You know it was my idea.

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