Coffee in My Garden – My Planner Returns! – Update – Mystery Solved

It's back!

It’s back!

After a week or so of my original planner being missing to the point where I even gave up on St. Anthony finding it (my favorite saint who has never failed me yet) – my planner is back!

I don’t know where it was (and it’s not saying). It appeared at the spot on my desk where it always is (and where I could have sworn I left it) as if to say “I’ve been here all the time.”

All my favorite writing instruments are back, my slip for lab work, my journal, my favorite tape flags, my colored index cards, my highlighters.

All is well with my universe (well, my lab work was a week late, but whatever).

After all the stress of reconstructing my life into a new smaller planner (which fit my purse, but not my life – apparently I live a big planner kind of life) now I’m stressed reconciling the two. I tried to tell myself just to pick up where I am now and ignore the lost week.

That lasted about five seconds.

I don’t like loose ends.

I also don’t like things not checked off.

So I’m going back and forth between the two planners transferring what is in progress and checking off what has been done.

Right now I’ve talked myself into concentrating on this week and letting the rest go. (We’ll see how long that lasts.)

My objective now is 1) to finish my screenplay, which is due soon 2) get the living room/dining room ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities and make room for my new couch.

During the spring and summer I want to be outside, enjoying the sun, enjoying the beach, taking long walks in the woods. Now I can feel myself transitioning to autumn/winter mode where I like to write, read, study, and bring order out of chaos.

Am thinking I might also want to make a space for an indoor office. It’s 65 degrees out here and windy, a little chilly for me (even with coffee) and too cold for the bird, who is in a sunny window, but still annoyed. The windows are open, the house is airing out, the pups are enjoying the cooler weather.

Bringing order out of chaos one week at a time…

And happy to have my planner back!

****Update – Mystery solved!
As it turns out, I didn’t leave my planner on my desk. I had it with me right up until the point where two of my charge nurses asked me for help on a project. I set it down in their office and forget to pick it up again on my way out (I was way late by that time and in a hurry to get to Universal Studios to pick up my daughter). In fairness, either my guardian angel or St. Anthony whispered in my ear as I was leaving the hospital that I had forgotten something, but I ignored it, not realizing it was my planner until I went to move it (it sits on the seat beside me until I pick my daughter up, then it gets moved for her). The night charge nurse saw it sitting on her desk when she came in for her shift and moved it to their bookcase (the one place I didn’t look). After noting for a week that it hadn’t moved, she opened it and saw my name in the front so she put on my desk. I found this out as she was leaving for her shift as I was coming in for mine.

So now both prayers have been answered – the “please bring it back to me” prayer as well as the “would really like to know who had it and who brought it back” prayer.