Weekly Photo Challenge – Habit

The pups and I love to walk and autumn and winter are the best times for walking here in Florida.

Yuki and Li'l Bit taking a break

Yuki and Li’l Bit taking a break

Summer is too hot and the risk of getting struck by lightning or being washed away during monsoon season is too great to do much more than quick walks around the block between rainstorms.

Gizmo Howling

Gizmo Wants to Run

But right now the temperature is in the sixties to seventies, humidity is low, rain is no longer an everyday occurrence and we are enjoying stretching our legs.

We have had a shift in the dog population. Jynxie (the tall Chihuahua) has gone back to live with my daughter now that the girls are out of their apartment and into a house and Li’l Bit, one of my mother-in-law’s dogs that we inherited when she passed away, has returned (a friend of our daughter’s was kind enough to keep her for a while). We missed her. And she is happy to be back with us.

Tinkerbell in the Grass

Tinkerbell in the Grass

These were taken a few days ago when the pups and I spent a gorgeous afternoon at the park. As soon as I post this, we’re headed out again. Days like this are just too beautiful to waste!

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