Coffee in My Garden – Sort Of…Pieces of My Soul

May your weekend be filled with sunshine and yellow flowers.

May your weekend be filled with sunshine and yellow flowers.

The weather is not the best this morning as I write this. It’s cloudy today. If we lived up north I would say it’s going to snow. But it’s 73 degrees, so that’s not likely. So we (the pups and I) are inside on the couch settling for a view of both front and back gardens, which isn’t a bad thing. I have a very long to do list and once out in my garden (either one) I don’t relinquish my outdoor time very easily.

Normally by Friday morning, I’m exhausted and feeling the need to retreat, relax, and heal.

But this Friday morning I am full of energy (which is good, because I have a lot to do between now and Thanksgiving as our house will be Turkey Day Central).

I had forgotten the joy of writing for hours at a time (my preferred method), which I’ve done for the past two weekends in preparation for sending my screenplay out. Now it’s on to the next project, which is shorter and I have a long list of scripts to do.

We started rehearsals for The Laramie Project this week and I’m happy to be on stage once again.

During my time off (except for singing in the choir) I remembered those days when I could go all day and half the night and still have energy the next day. I thought those days were gone. I am happy to report they are not. For the past two weekends I got an average of 4 hours of sleep a night while I was working on my script. That was followed by a week of working my day job, followed by rehearsals for the show. On my one night off from show rehearsal, I was at choir rehearsal (if you’re going to be in Winter Park for almost-midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, come on by).

Today is my first official day off – and I’m using it to catch up on things that weren’t done around the house because I wasn’t here to do them (kudos to my guys for keeping the house livable during my absence). It’s a day to do laundry, cuddle with the pups (and maybe go for a walk if weather permits), go over my Thanksgiving to do list.

My soul is filled with music, writing, and theatre this week and I am happy.