Learning to Relax

It’s only taken me fifty-something years to figure out I am an all-or-nothing person.

Tigger catching up on cuddle time

Tigger catching up on cuddle time

Actually, it’s something I’ve always known.

My mother (God bless her) did her best to teach me moderation. She led a very balanced life and tried her hardest to teach me to do the same. “Stop burning the candle at both ends” she’d tell me as I tried to balance school, dance, acting, family and friend time, beach time (we lived near the beach then), music rehearsal time (piano, voice, flute). Mom had the unique ability to pace herself, to get everything done, to keep everything in balance. I tend to be more like my father – marathon followed by collapse.

We do have dog beds...but the Princess prefers being by me

We do have dog beds…but the Princess prefers being by me

I think Mom was afraid I would burn myself out, and sometimes I did. More often than not I did and she would say “I told you so.” And she was right. And then she would do her best to try to teach me balance, and I would do my best to apply it.

This past week was a busy one – work (trying to fit 5 days’ worth of work into 3), rehearsal for my new show, getting ready for Thanksgiving, and catching up on things I haven’t been here to do.

Mom would have been proud. I actually managed to record my lines, Thanksgiving shop, go to work, go to rehearsal, cook Thanksgiving dinner, write, and still enjoy the Thanksgiving parade, the dog show, catching up with Hubby, Daughter, and Son, and managed to get the dining room (rarely used except in winter) ready in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

Tinkerbell and Li'l Bit demanded their lap time - and got it.

Tinkerbell and Li’l Bit demanded their lap time – and got it.

I intended to spend the day after Thanksgiving (Fridays are my usual catching up around the house day) carrying on with my to-do list and getting ready for Christmas.

But hubby had a rare day off and was enjoying the quiet, the cat purring on my feet was warm and soothing, it was so nice not to have to get up and go anywhere, I decided to enjoy it too. Besides, every time I tried to get up Tigger would push me back down with his paw, while pretending to be asleep so I wouldn’t make him move.

Then I thought a bubble bath would be nice…and it was.

Then the dogs decided they needed their time. And there was a book I hadn’t read (in this case Dean Koontz’s Ticktock)

Read in one day

Read in one day

We still had leftovers, so no cooking required – only warming up. Wahoo!

And today I am relaxed, refreshed, and ready to pick up where I left off.

Thanks, Mom! At least some of what you taught me must have sunk in.