Observation Deck – It Was Fun While It Lasted…



It was a good thing I bathed the dogs and cleaned the bird cage when I did!

It warmed up to 77 today and we seized the sunshine while it lasted – which was just long enough for me to get everyone bathed (though the Princess let it be known she was not pleased that I bathed her in the yard with water from the hose – she prefers warm water in the kitchen sink with a warm towel afterward). Everyone else took it in stride. We had just enough sun and warm breeze time for them to get (mostly) dry, then it started spitting rain. Of course by the time I got the dogs and the bird inside, the pseudo-rain shower had stopped.

Tigger had enough sense to come in with us. Xena yowled at the rain spatters and was not happy with me because I took in the chair cushions, but she refused to come in. She huddled on the window sill (under the eave) and complained. It’s no longer raining, but her preferred spot to nap is wet and she wants me to fix it. I told her sometimes life is hard.

She still wants me to fix it.

I put the cushions back.

She’s happy now.