Observation Deck – Christmas Updates and Gizmo’s Turn

This used to be my chair...

This used to be my chair…

Xena isn’t the only one who likes to snuggle up by our new Christmas tree. She got up to stretch her legs and Gizmo saw his chance.

I actually had an hour or so between work and rehearsal last night, so I went by Joann’s in search of a matching wreath for the one we have on the front porch. They had one left! And it now hangs over my bistro table.

The garden door was feeling neglected. It wanted a wreath, too.

The garden door was feeling neglected. It wanted a wreath, too.

I was hoping to find some Christmas fleece on sale (or at all) so I could make a Christmas throw for that chair. No luck. But I was ecstatic to find the objects of my hunt – ornament hangers and the wreath. Two baskets I took a chance on (massively on sale) fit perfectly where I envisioned them! I’m still working on fully decorating the tree, but I was finally able to hang some of the ornaments before dashing off to rehearsal. Wahoo! And starting tomorrow I’m on vacation so if I survive today (last day of work – lots to do, plus rehearsal tonight) I should be able to get the rest of the gifts bought and wrapped, the house decorated, and maybe even play Christmas carols on my piano, flute, and violin before I forget how to play them entirely!

Merry Christmas, everyone!