Weekly Photo Challenge – One

One Beautiful Florida Sky

One Beautiful View from My Hammock

Yesterday was my first day of vacation and I planned to clean the house, finish Christmas shopping, finish decorating, clean the bird cage. I did get the little tree moved and lit, put some more ornaments on the big tree, ran a load of dishes, swept and mopped, caught up on some of the things I wasn’t able to get done between work and rehearsal.

And then it warmed up enough to take the parrot outside. She loves being outside (and so do I). While I was cleaning her cage I noticed my long-ignored hammock was a mess – covered in leaves. So I cleared it off and remembered I still had one more chapter to catch up on in the book I’m reading (one chapter a day). What better place to do that than my hammock?

The Princess wanted to join me.

Princess Miyuki

Princess Miyuki

Followed by Li’l Bit and Tinkerbell.

Li'l Bit and Tinkerbell

Li’l Bit and Tinkerbell

I set the timer and told my son I’d be back in fifteen minutes. He saw me with a book in my hand, noted the hammock, the pups, and the gorgeous view, and said “No, you won’t.”

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