Bringing Order Out of Chaos – Christmas Chaos!

This time of year is absolutely nuts.

And I love it.

Right up until now, when I start freaking out.

Play rehearsals. Choir rehearsals. Hubby is a special events coordinator so we went to his event Saturday night (which was fabulous – pictures to come).

Every year about this time I tell myself I will not do another Christmas show (until the next year or so, when I do). This year I thought I had worked around that rule with a show that wasn’t actually a Christmas show that runs in January. Nope. Still have December rehearsals (but not for the rest of this week – a Christmas gift from our director).

Thank goodness I’m on vacation or I think I’d be curled up in a corner having a meltdown with a Christmas blanket over my head (if I could find one).

Breathe…breathe…you can do this.

And I really can.

Wreaths – done and looking gorgeous!

Tree(s) – up and mostly decorated. I will finish that today. The big tree has the remaining half box of ornaments and hangers sitting right beside it, I just haven’t been here to put them on. Daughter as an early Christmas present added some lovely ornaments to the tree on her last visit. I’ve located another box in the garage that may have things worth adding. The small tree holds the Japanese ornaments from our long ago Christmas tree in Japan and the last remaining washi paper angel I made while we were over there.

I made this!

I made this!

Hair – so very grateful for my hairdresser! When she posted she was done with her twelve hour days and I said “let me know if someone cancels” worked me in for this morning anyway. So one thing I will not have to stress over this Christmas is my hair (thank you, Elaine!).

Grocery shopping – done. We will not starve. And since we’re doing two Christmas Eve masses, I will be off for Christmas and since (for once) no one has to work on Christmas, I will have all day to cook and bake (which I love to do and my schedule seldom permits).

Christmas Coffee – Had a momentary scare when I zipped into Barnie’s – no Santa’s White Christmas coffee on the shelves! The cute guy in the Santa hat behind the register saw my look of utter horror and asked what he could help me with. I told him. He, too, stared at the empty spot on the shelf where Santa’s White Christmas should have been (but wasn’t) and (thankfully) found me some on another shelf where it was in its plain wrapper (not its Christmas holiday packaging). (Note to self – stock up earlier next year).

Shopping shopping – done!

Gift wrapping – Some done, some not. Mostly not. One Christmas Eve tradition my mother and I shared was to have a cup of hot chocolate (from when we lived up north and it really was cold at Christmas) and wrap presents. These days Mom is no longer here, but as a nod to her (and to beautiful memories of Christmases past) I still have hot chocolate while I wrap gifts. Somewhere along the line I started the tradition of watching It’s a Wonderful Life while I wrap. I may do that now while everyone else is still asleep. Thanks to running out of gift wrap one year (happy birthday is a perfectly acceptable substitute) and tape another year, we now have enough gift wrap to wrap the world and enough tape to hold it together. No stress there.

House – a complete and utter disaster since I’ve been shopping, at events, or at rehearsal. Other than my hair appointment, I have nothing else on my agenda today so all should be in order in time for Christmas Eve. I just need to stay home long enough to do it (a challenge in itself).

Hubby surprised me in the midst of this weekend’s chaos with 18 beautiful white roses and an apology for working so many hours (this is his super-busy season). I told him I was grateful he is working and praised him for how sweet he’s been about my crazy work and rehearsal schedule. When I start to stress (which is about every minute and a half), I look at these roses, and take a moment to smell their delightful scent (my favorite aromatherapy). Stress leaves and love takes its place.

It is my favorite time of year. We are all together. I’m grateful.

And I have a whole day and a half to bring order out of chaos. At 6:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve (maybe 7) it is what it is. Time to pause, love, and rejoice.

My favorite aromatherapy

My favorite aromatherapy