Daily Prompt: Progress

When you look back at your blog on January 2, 2015, what would you like to see?

1. I would like to see that I’m still here.

2. Photographs of people, places, animals I love and who love me

3. Photographs of me thinner than I am now 🙂

4. More order, less chaos. I will not post pictures of current chaos as I am visualizing what I want spaces to look like – ex: a garage NOT full of boxes. This is tough after moving, clearing out my mother-in-law’s houses after her death last year, things in storage from when we moved from a big house into a small condo, and yet to be unpacked when we moved from the condo to our current house. (My mother-in-law was moving down here at about the same time and we were helping her move as well). Last year was too difficult and too painful to go through things once we cleared the houses. Perhaps this year will be, too, but we are taking it slowly so we will be at least farther along than we are now.

6. A couch in my living room. That was actually a 2013 goal. I wanted to do this past Christmas in the living room, where the tree would be in the big front window that is perfect for it. Our neighbors must be convinced that there’s no one who lives here as our main living area is in the back of the house and the front of the house is dark except for formal Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. It took me two years to find a couch that I liked, that had the right amount of style and comfort. Naturally, me being me, it’s expensive. So this year I am setting aside money for it and intend to have it home by next Thanksgiving. Almost made it last year, but vet bills and car repair got in the way. (Plus summer when the couch came out to Thanksgiving was really too short). So I have a head start. And this couch that I have my eye on will hopefully be on sale by then, as it was new this summer. Hurrah!

By Thanksgiving, hope to see this in my living room

By Thanksgiving, hope to see this in my living room

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