Zero to Hero – Day 1 – Introduce Yourself

I was hesitant about trying this because on Monday I go back to work, it’s crunch time for my upcoming show, Highland Games are coming up (an annual family event) and I will not have much free time this month at all. But one of my goals is to make my blog better, so I’m going to jump in and do what I can when I can. Here goes!

Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.
•Why are you blogging, rather than keeping a personal journal?

Actually, I do both. Most days I do Morning Pages (from The Artist’s Way), 3 pages of longhand writing (I don’t know why longhand makes a difference, but it does.) This is where I vent, pause, appreciate, pray, focus (depending on what kind of day it is), ask for answers and often receive guidance. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend this practice. It has made a great difference over the years for me. It’s important to do 3 pages. For some reason, insight tends not to hit until around page 2.5.

I blog because I used to be a columnist and love that format. One of my dreams was to have my own column and now I do! Worldwide! Yee ha!

•What topics do you think you’ll write about?

Haven’t a clue, and that’s the fun of it. Regular topics for 2013 were:
Bringing Order Out of Chaos – (hope to do a lot more on that this year as one of my New Year’s resolutions is a room by room reorganization of our house – God help me).

Coffee in My Garden – posts are written in my garden (weather permitting and here in Florida it usually does), general reflections and insights.

Weekly Photo Challenges – love these and they have been my most popular posts so will definitely continue

Family – I love my family. I love the living scrapbook aspect of blogging. And we are a big family, far-flung and aren’t able to get together as often as we’d like.

Girls’ Day Out – outings with my daughter (and how this blog got started)

Holidays – because I love these, too

Military Life – Hubby and I were both in the U.S. Air Force and our son recently returned to us from the Marines. I’ve been active duty Air Force, an Air Force wife, an Army Air Corps daughter, an Air Force sister, a Marine mom, a Navy niece. I have a deep and abiding respect for those who allow us to relax and enjoy our civilian lives back home. Much to my surprise, this has been one of my most requested areas to post more in (if that makes any sense). And I am a fierce advocate for veterans. (Want to see my War Face? Go after our military).

Pup Walks and Pups’ Day Out – outings with my pups – always an adventure. Need to do more of these just because the pups enjoy them and so do I

Sunday Morning Sing Along – posted on Saturday for my followers who are a day ahead of us – with lyrics when I can find them. Because I was once a music performance major, Air Force Catholic chapel choir director, music teacher, and I love to sing. Happily for me, many of you do as well.

Patriot’s Corner – I hate politics but I love freedom. And part of being an American is defending what freedom we have left and fighting to regain what we’ve lost. So when things tick me off, or I feel we’re going in the wrong direction, I will say so. Depending on how ticked off I get, this may become a separate blog. It takes a lot to tick me off, so we’ll see. Much to my surprise, this has been a popular feature not only with fellow Americans, but I’ve had valuable input and discussion with freedom-lovers throughout the world. Many of you apparently enjoy my tirades and I’ve had a lot of requests for me to be ticked off more often. As we have elections looming, you may get your wish 🙂 I’m also dismayed that our schools seem no longer to be teaching civics and how government is supposed to work (as opposed to how it actually does) and what government is supposed to do (as opposed to what it actually does), so perhaps some education is in order and maybe a quiz or two (if I can figure out how to do those). Coming soon from a gulag near you…

•Who would you love to connect with via your blog?

Positive people from all over the world. Those of us who are doing our best to shine a little light in the darkness.

•If you blog successfully throughout 2014, what would you hope to have accomplished?

Escape From Chaos was intended to be just that – an escape from chaos and negativity. Sharing the joys of this beautiful world. Inspiring. Uplifting. Appreciating the simple things we often take for granted. How to take lemons and make lemonade. Giving people a reason to smile on an otherwise stressful day. Reminding those who are in a stormy time at the moment to hang on – there is sunshine around the bend.

Egret paid us a visit while having an outdoor lunch at a coastal restaurant last summer

Egret paid us a visit while having an outdoor lunch at a coastal restaurant last summer

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