The Laramie Project – We Open Next Week, Y’all!

I took some time off over Christmas and New Year’s.

It’s over now.

On Monday I was back to work and back to rehearsal for The Laramie Project. And it’s cold here in Florida (doesn’t the cold know it’s supposed to stop at the Florida border? What’s up with that?).

I like to vary my projects between comedy and drama. My last show was Much Ado About Nothing, which had dramatic moments but is mostly comedy.

Much Ado About Nothing Cast

Much Ado About Nothing Cast

This one is definitely drama with a few lighthearted moments.

Me as a Reporter covering the Trial

Me at rehearsal – as a Reporter covering the Trial

Each show has its challenges.

Much Ado was a challenge because it’s Shakespeare – a joy for me ever since I did Full Fathom Five Thy Father Lies for song and poetry day in first grade. Technically, I was supposed to sing the “Eency Weency Spider” with hand motions. (Fortunately I had a very cool first grade teacher who appreciated hearing Shakespeare after a long run of nursery rhymes.)

Spring Awakening was a challenge because we all played multiple characters. But at least there was an arc, a beginning, middle and end that kept us all grounded.

Evil Teacher in Spring Awakening

Evil Teacher in Spring Awakening

The Laramie Project is a challenge, partly because it’s a real story about the murder of Matthew Shepard. It’s similar to Spring Awakening in that a group of actors play multiple roles throughout the story, but different in that this show is taken from journal entries, news reports, court transcripts, interviews with the townspeople of Laramie. Sometimes we’re the townspeople. Sometimes we’re the theatre group interviewing the townspeople. Sometimes we’re the reporters interviewing anyone we can get our hands on. And it’s all over the place – the crime scene, the bar, on the street, at the Homecoming parade, which makes it a challenge to remember who we are, where we are physically, where we are in the story.

But it also makes it very rewarding.

If any of you are in Orlando over the next couple of weeks, come see us!!