My Acting Life – Twas the Night Before Laramie…

Vigil for Matthew Shepard

Vigil for Matthew Shepard

Hell week has lived up to its name. It’s always a challenge, but this has been more challenging than most as we had one rehearsal venue and two performance venues. This week has been about working in both new venues and learning the quirks and foibles of each. It’s a credit to our director that he hasn’t had a meltdown yet (at least not in our presence), we still have a very tight and together cast and some of us discovered costuming skills we never knew we had. And we are convinced we can do this show anywhere at any time and make it work. (We made a game of that last night – where can we do this show? – a cave, on Mars, and on a pool table at a bar during happy hour were the top three responses.)

We’re not going to know what to do with ourselves next week when we’re in the same venue for every performance!

If you’re in Orlando this weekend and next, come see us!