My Acting Life – It’s Opening Night for The Laramie Project Interactive, Y’all!

The Laramie Project Interactive - Cast Photo

The Laramie Project Interactive – Cast Photo

As you can tell from my lack of posts of late, working a day job + doing theatre at night = not much time for anything else. Trying to touch base at least intermittently with family, taking the dogs for at least one good walk/play session a week, and making “after the show” promises to everyone else is status quo these days.

Doing a show with an interactive audience makes rehearsals interesting, to say the least. Our poor Assistant Director has been spending the past several weeks playing all the roles that audience members will play on each night of our run. It’s scary to rehearse a show with someone who will not be playing the role when you’re stuck out in front of an audience for all to see. Our director’s vision was to ask for volunteers in the audience.

What if no one volunteers?

What if they do volunteer but chicken out?

Last night was our preview night and amazingly, all things came together.

We had enough enthusiastic volunteers to populate all the up-for-grabs roles – reporters, protestors, angels, various townspeople. It added a whole new dimension to the show, one which made it special for them, and for us.

As actors, this is a grueling project. We have to dig deep. It’s an emotional show and we have to be able to change character in an instant. We play nice people, we play not so nice people, sometimes within a line or two of each other. Costuming is minimal – a jacket here, a scarf there.

Will the audience get it, or will they just be confused and think we’re a bunch of schizophrenics running around on stage?

The audience did get it. They also reminded us that even though it is an intense show, there are funny moments as well.

We had a nice writeup in a local paper.

Judy Shepard herself wrote us a beautiful letter.

Tectonic Theatre Project took the time to send us an opening night message.

It’s the day of the show, y’all! Wahoo!