My Acting Life – Laramie Project, Final Weekend

This is one of those shows that I’m going to miss and one of those casts that I hope not to miss because I hope we remain friends after the show. These people have been a dream to work with, the Matthew Shepard Foundation and Tectonic Theater Project have given us their support, love, and best wishes. Judy Shepard wrote us a beautiful opening night letter. Audiences have enjoyed playing along with us. I’m looking forward to our last 3 shows (tonight, tomorrow night, Sunday matinee) but there will be an empty place in my heart when it’s over. People have come up to us and told us that we have made a difference in their lives and that’s the best thing of all. Theatre that touches the heart and the mind. Hope you all come see us this weekend! If you ever wanted to be a star without having to go to rehearsal, now’s your chance!

Rehearsal Photo

The Laramie Project Rehearsal Photo