My Acting Life – Post Show Blues

I had planned to start my Coffee in My Garden posts again today. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate. It is cold and raining in Florida, aka the Sunshine State. We’re lucky. It’s been snowing in the northern part of the state.

Something is wrong with this picture

Something is wrong with this picture

My niece (in Alaska) and her brother (in Alabama) are amazed at the fact that Alabama had snow this week and her part of Alaska does not.

This week is discombobulating in other ways as well.

Last Sunday was our last show for The Laramie Project.

Some last shows are sad.

Some are a celebration of getting one’s life back.

This one was sad, but the sadness for me didn’t kick in until today, when we don’t have a show tonight, for the first time.

This was not your average show, for entertainment only. This show, besides being interactive (which was frightening and powerful all at once) featured engaged audiences (and not just because we yanked them up onstage). This was not a show where you could throw your costumes in a bag and be out the door in five minutes. Our audiences hung out and talked (and not just in our official Sunday afternoon talkback sessions). They asked questions, some told their stories, many said thank you.

It has been wonderful to be home at night and see my family for more than a second and a half between work and rehearsal.

The animals have been stuck to me like glue all week. They hate it when I do a show and don’t come home until late, even though they have Hubby and Son to walk, feed, play with, and entertain them. I don’t think they think I can take care of myself. The bird is happy. I am her whistling buddy.

Tonight is the first night that we’re supposed to have a show and don’t. That’s when it really hits me that the show is over. “See you after – oh wait…”

Our director started getting sad last week (that’s why he’s the director – he plans ahead).

I wasn’t sad yet. We were all still together. (That’s why I’m an actor – I live in the moment). We had a lovely wrap party at a restaurant used to hosting large casts and had a wonderful time.

Some of us are now in rehearsal for other shows (not me, I have a writing deadline to meet so am transitioning back into writing/research mode).

Laramie Cast

Laramie Cast and Director

We still keep up with each other on Facebook and Twitter. Sam and I keep up with each other’s blogs. (I still laugh at the time we were both backstage and said “I’ve been blogging about the show” at the same time, not knowing we were both bloggers.)

Fortunately, I have a gathering tonight with my long-neglected Vein of Gold friends – we are reading The Desire Map together. We did The Artist’s Way together years ago – well, they did. I did the first few weeks, then went back on stage after a very long absence. Back then we were all wanting to get back to our respective arts, or kick them up a notch. We did that big time the next time we got together to do Vein of Gold , which led to my first art show.

Endings and beginnings.

The show has ended, The Desire Map has begun. Maybe by the time this ends, I’ll have a new show. We’ve already talked about doing The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later with this same cast in cycle with The Laramie Project. I hope we do.