View from Last Night’s Pup Walk

Don't tell Little Red

Don’t tell Little Red

The weather has finally decided to revert to Florida weather – warm and beautiful. This weekend was busy so I didn’t take my camera on our Sunday afternoon walk – a quick one between a funeral and dark. That was a mistake. Photographic opportunities were everywhere (they’re on my cell phone – will post eventually).

Last night we had a small window between supper and dark so we took a quick walk on a lake near the house. It’s been a while since we’ve been over there. I didn’t bring Little Red because there’s really nothing new there – except a bike trail (where did that come from?) so our previously leisurely walks in that neighborhood have become adventures on I-4 bicycle style.

Little Red: I saw that. I have a sunset setting. That would have been a much better picture if you had taken me.

Me: I know. I’m Sorry. I’ll bring you next time. I promise.