Sunday Morning Sing Along – No One (Alicia Keys as sung by Sister Cristina Scuccia)

When I heard this story, I was immediately taken back to first grade at St. Thomas Catholic School in Chickasaw, Alabama and my first grade teacher, Sister Gratian. Sister Gratian didn’t sing like Sister Cristina, but she climbed trees with us (habit and all), taught us how to build our own Ninas, Pintas, and Santa Marias and sail them down the creek behind our school for Columbus Day, jumped rope with us (Double Dutch, no less). She particularly endeared herself to me by stating on beautiful days that it was a sin to be inside on a glorious day like this and we should take science class outdoors to study firsthand the beautiful world God made. And I retained everything she taught from those outside classes (bugs, trees, flowers, the occasional snake, weather patterns).

Brava, Sister Cristina! Wishing you much success.

I looked for a picture of a Dominican nun (Sr. Gratian’s order) in a habit as I didn’t have one but found this story on current young nuns of her order who exhibit the same passion and energy that she did.

Sister Gratian taught me about clouds and birds

To Sister Gratian and all the sisters – you make a difference