Weekly Photo Challenge – On the Move

My daughter and I share Fridays off and we usually spend it on the move. Weekly shopping seems less of a chore when we do it together. For special things, we have tremendous good luck when we’re together. My theory is, our guardian angels keep a running list of what we want and scout ahead for us. Invariably one of us will think of a particular item or a particular shop and what we need is there, or something we looked for in the past but couldn’t find (these are especially fun). We usually finish up with lunch or dinner out as well.

The old and the new

The old and the new

As many of you know (and the rest of you are about to find out), I am a voracious reader. In addition to a living room with wall-to-wall built-in bookshelves (a major selling feature of this house for me), I also have a built-in bookshelf by my side of the couch in the den. For most people, that might be enough. The by-the-couch shelf holds my writing books, my art books (to remind me that I keep telling myself I’m going to draw), and whatever books in progress I have going on. I usually have at least three books in progress, plus two audiobooks in the car. That used to irritate my mother (a one-book-at-a-time person) until my father reminded her “At least she’s reading.” (He liked to read two or three at once, too). As a librarian, she did approve of my reading, however haphazardly. One of the joys of being on vacation this past week is I’ve almost been able to read as much as I want.

I started a bookshelf by the door (a refugee from my husband’s college days) for my “books to be read” pile. I moved it the other day to mop underneath and realized just how ancient and unsteady it is. So one of our objectives was to get a new by-the-door bookshelf. I had hoped to find one at one of our thrift store haunts as those are usually less expensive and more interesting (I have a beautiful cookbook shelf that is both architecturally pleasing to me and only cost $5.00 at a moving sale), but couldn’t find one that fit the space, met my aesthetic requirements, and didn’t cost a fortune. We got the idea to try Big Lots and found a 9-cubby treasure on sale! Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Several Fridays ago during one of our jaunts, I fell in love with a precious thrift store teddy bear who looked up at me from a jumble of stuff and clearly said “Get me out of here.” I paid his bail (less than $3.00) and showed my daughter.

“Mom, that’s a Build-a-Bear,” she said.

She found one, too. So of course, we decided that one of our future trips out would be to Build-a-Bear to clothe our naked charges. Yesterday was the day.



One of my favorite past jobs years ago was as a wardrobe consultant. I love dressing anything – women, men, children, teddy bears. Apparently, like riding a bicycle, that is a skill that stays with you. I had a blast.



My buddy Benjamin chillin' on the hammock

My buddy Benjamin chillin’ on the hammock

I particularly love the shoes.

A few errands later, we ended up at Tibby’s, one of my favorite restaurants when I get homesick for good Cajun food. One of the unexpected bonuses of posting the picture below on Facebook was reminiscing with one of my cousins and my sister-in-law about variations on our family gumbo recipe.

A hurricane, a cup of gumbo, and beignets and café au lait for dessert put an end to a beautiful day on the move.

Almost as good as Mom's

Almost as good as Mom’s

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