Weekly Photo Challenge – Twist

I didn’t think I would have anything for this challenge. On Friday afternoon my daughter and I were going through some of the remaining boxes in the living room and came upon this twisty wedding candle.

Wedding candle

Wedding candle

It belonged to Fran, my mother-in-law. It was from her wedding several years ago to a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, a former Ranger. It seems fitting to remember them both this Memorial Day weekend. It also seems fitting that the Easter lily that is blooming in my garden right now belonged to Fran, whose birthday is this coming week. We joke that our Easter lilies tend to be on Florida time, blooming whenever. This one is on Fran time. This one is blooming for her.

On this day I marry my friend...

This day I marry my friend…

So thank you, Ancel, for your long and distinguished service to our country. Thank you, Fran, for being the best mother-in-law a girl could ask for.

Fran's Lily

Fran’s Lily

We remember.

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