Throwback Thursday – Birthday Surprise from Sis

Life has been very busy of late. We had a big inspection this week at work (we did well). I just got cast in a new show – The Dixie Swim Club – a hilarious and heartwarming comedy about five members of a college swim team who reunite every summer for a long weekend: the uber-organized team captain who is also a health food nut, a former nun, a high-powered Atlanta attorney, a long-suffering team mate whose life is a country song. I play “Sexy Lexie” Richards – she’s a hoot. If you’re in Orlando, come watch me go through four husbands (or is it five?) in two hours.

For my birthday yesterday my big sister sent me a picture I had forgotten existed. We had a good laugh over the fact that even at that age I was a dog lover.

I’ve missed you all – hope to be posting more regularly now that I’m not at work so much!

Me and Brownie

Me and Brownie