Mike Dooley, The Universe, and Me

Anyone who has followed me for any length of time knows I read a lot (the rest of you are about to find out). I knew I had a keeper when I didn’t want to return my current audiobook to the library. It’s called Manifesting Change by Mike Dooley, an author I had never heard of. I listened to it once over the course of a week during my morning and afternoon commutes. Since I was working this weekend, I decided to listen to it one more time before I have to return it to the library tomorrow.

To celebrate my birthday, my daughter and her roommate took me out to the movies this afternoon. We met at a theatre roughly halfway between their house and ours, on the other end of town near where we used to live. Just as I pulled into the parking lot I decided to buy my own copy of this audiobook.

We were early for the movie, so the girls introduced me to one of their favorite stores – Book Warehouse Orlando. I looked for the book, fully expecting to find it. Not there (dang it!) but I did find one of my favorite audiobooks, It’s Your Ship. Several months ago I lent my copy to someone who enjoyed it as much as I did, so I let her keep it. Just yesterday, while my daughter and I were scoping out books in a thrift store I mentioned that I wanted to replace that audiobook and it would be nice if it was on sale. It was!

After the movie, I decided to run by a Barnes and Noble on the way home and see if they had the book I was looking for. I was surprised to learn as I listened to the book that the author is from Orlando. He and I even use the same headshot photographer. I had the thought “maybe if I get a copy he’ll autograph it.”

It was raining so before I left the theatre parking lot. I did a search on my phone to see if one of the Barnes and Nobles I frequent had a copy. No luck on the audiobooks, but all of my usual stores had a copy of the paperback. Normally I go to the biggest store, which isn’t far from our house, but on a whim I ran by the one closest to the theatre, near our old neighborhood.

I thought it would be a quick in and out – grab the book between rain showers and go. The customer service lady took me to the shelf where it was supposed to be. It wasn’t there.

“Your inventory said you had a copy,” I said. Did somebody buy my book in the few minutes it took me to drive from the theatre?

“People pick them up and move them all the time,” the customer service lady said. She took one shelf and I took the other. I didn’t find the book I was after, but found two more by the same author.



“Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me I’ve read that book already, maybe I should read the other two,” I joked. The new ones looked interesting, so I decided to get them as a birthday treat.

“Here it is,” the customer service lady said, holding up the one I was looking for in the first place. “And it’s autographed.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. I had thought about getting myself one new book and ended up with four. If there’s anything better than one book, it’s extra books!

Autographed copy

Autographed copy

You just never know…

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