Coffee in My Garden – Calm Before the Storm

It’s actually cherry coke in my garden this morning – it is way too hot for coffee!

This is the calm before the storm – rehearsals for the show start this week and I am in Week 2 of working 5 days a week. I’m used to working a lot, don’t get me wrong, but I’m used to packing many work hours into as few days as possible (usually four). My new boss likes a five-day week and since he experienced one Friday without me and doesn’t want to do that again, I will be working on what used to be Coffee in My Garden Fridays.

Li'l Bit, Tinkerbell, and Bean enjoying the garden

Li’l Bit, Tinkerbell, and Bean enjoying the garden

The pups are content to be in the house most of the time, except for Li’l Bit and Tinkerbell, my sun dogs. We also have a resident non-venomous snake, a black racer, that also likes the sun deck). The snake and I rarely cross paths (thank God). My rule about the snake is, since it’s non-venomous and does a great job keeping the area free of venomous snakes and keeps the bug population down (a plus when you live in Florida) it can stay, it just needs to stay out of sight. In fairness to the snake, I think when it saw me leave the yard that one day, it thought I was going to work. I came back after a quick trip to the store to see it sunning on the deck. It took cover under the plumbago and I haven’t seen it since. The plumbago could stand some pruning, but I’m not touching it.

Our walks have been few and far between, and for once the pups don’t care. It’s too hot to do much besides go to the beach – walk a while, swim a while makes the heat bearable. Lately there’s been no time for that. I have time this weekend, but with the iffy weather and the fact that it’s a holiday weekend in Florida, that means the beaches are more crowded than we care to deal with.

Our walks have been few and far between because we’re in that icky part of summer where it’s hellishly hot and our summer showers haven’t really settled into a pattern as they do later in the season. Right now we’re in pop-up-shower season, which would be okay if they were light little rains for a minute. These are monsoons with little warning. Later on the showers will sort themselves out and we should be able to resume our usual summer pattern of after-dinner walks when it’s relatively cool after the rain (under 90).

The good news is, since it’s too hot to be outside much once the sun comes up, I’ve gotten a lot done in the house. Most people spring clean. I do that in the summer. Spring, fall, and most of winter are way too nice here to be stuck indoors. Summer is our “stuck inside” season between the heat and the lightning. Sometimes that’s a good thing.

Tigger on Snake Watch

Tigger on Snake Watch

Bean, the parrot, has become resigned to the fact that she’s only being taken out to the garden two mornings a week instead of three (unless she can wheedle Son into taking her out when he’s home).

A sign I am not spending enough time on the hammock

A sign I am not spending enough time on the hammock

I’m working on a speech that I have to give in two weeks. I have a book proposal due in September so I need to squeeze that in as well.

I have two manuscripts out now (wish me luck!) and should hear about one this month and the other in September.

Our garden landscape has changed for the worse since I haven’t been here to tend it as much and when I am here, it’s usually storming. That’s curtailed our little expeditions as we are in the part of summer where the weather can go from blue skies to monsoon in five minutes or less. I’ve been weeding on the weekends, which is keeping it from becoming a jungle at least. On my list for later is to replant the front bed, since the flower roll didn’t work (dang it!).

The weather right now is iffy so I’m on the lanai which is semi-covered (sort of – lattice work doesn’t provide much cover). It’s not terribly far to the door if I have to grab the parrot cage and run (not the best thing to be holding a metal parrot cage in an area prone to lightning while running through a river of water to get to the house).

Keeping a weather eye out

Keeping a weather eye out

I miss Little Red (my recently deceased camera). This would be a great morning for pictures – a mother grackle and her babies, the squirrels, the cardinals – the young male cardinals are getting their red plumage. I’m using my cell phone camera, but it’s not the same.

CP: What am I, chopped liver?

Me: You HAVE a camera, but you’re NOT a camera. You are a cell phone.

CP: So? Could your precious Little Red text? Could she make a phone call? No. You don’t appreciate me.

Me: I do appreciate you. I just miss my camera, that’s all.

CP: I take pictures.

Me: Yeah, but they aren’t as good. You blur things.

CP: Don’t blame your lack of technique on me, Missy!

Me: Little Red had an anti-blur thingy.

CP: So stand still. Problem solved.

It’s going to be a long summer.

And here comes the rain! See ya!