Coffee in My Garden – Time to Chill

I have the entire weekend off and that usually means that I’m running all over both for fun and the usual errand-running that accompanies life.

Normally a summer weekend will find us (the pups and me) at the beach and Hubby and Son enjoying a quiet house. Today I’m too exhausted (!) and there’s way too much to do. The show opens next week (!) so I’m in the garden with the parrot, Li’l Bit and Tinkerbell (it’s too hot for Gizmo and The Princess likes to sleep late).

Hey, look! A zig zag!

Zig zag for the Weekly Photo Challenge!

Zig zag for the Weekly Photo Challenge!

For more on this challenge, go here.

I’m still without a camera (and hating it) though my phone camera is fine. Will put new camera on the Christmas list.

Cellphone: Are you kidding me? I’ve been doing a great job considering all the places you’ve taken me – the beach, a thunderstorm –

Me: Does that look like a storm to you?

It was one little cloud...for a minute

It was one little cloud…for a minute

CP: Did you actually expect me to take pictures while we were dodging lightning bolts and running for our lives?

Me: The lightning and hail didn’t hit until we were in the car and almost out of the parking lot.

CP: I have sand in places a cell phone should never have sand.

Me: Stop being such a baby. Do you want to go with me or not?

CP: Of course I want to go. I just want you to appreciate me. I’m very talented. I can take pictures and video. I even mapped you out of the wilderness you got yourself into and showed you a great picnic spot besides!

Me: And I thank you for that.

We may hit the beach tomorrow, but today is for weeding the garden (which with all the rain we’ve been having is more like a jungle right now), bathing the pups, cleaning the parrot cage, enjoying the baby cardinal and baby finch flybys at the feeder, and running lines…

and running lines…

Great show! Come see us!

Great show! Come see us!

and running lines…

Shouldn't we be at the beach?

Shouldn’t we be at the beach?