My Acting Life – The Dixie Swim Club

As many of you know, my life has been “full to bursting” lately (as we say in the South) between work, the show, and reminding my family (human, animal, and avian) that I do still live here, that it isn’t a ghost coming in and moving dishes, stealing outfits, and moving laundry from place to place.

Every once in a while a show comes along that is a pure delight and it is cast so well it’s as though the characters were written around the actors instead of the actors acting out the characters. From our first read-through, this was that show. I had worked with our director, Andre Provencher, many times over the years (he’s been my stage husband before) but this was the first time I’ve worked with him as a director. I knew it would be a great experience (and it has been) because he and I used to sit backstage and have “how we would have directed that” discussions on many plays and movies over the years. He is my very favorite type of director – the one who says “this is what I want” and lets you go do it. Juli Goldstone (Jeri Neal) and I worked together in The Laramie Project . Other than that, the rest of us were strangers. By the time we finished our first read-through, you would have thought we’d been friends all our lives. We’ve been rehearsing this show for a month and it still makes us laugh and it still makes us cry. It’s a great show. I hope you come see us.

Our Dixie Swim Club poster - come see us, y'all!

Our Dixie Swim Club poster – come see us, y’all!

Right before opening night, our director got a call from Jessie Jones, one of the playwrights, to wish us a fabulous opening night.

Below is an article from the Orlando Sentinel about our show.

The Dixie Swim Club