Coffee in My Garden – At Last!

I am very much enjoying this beautiful Saturday morning in my garden.

Early morning coffee with the critters

Early morning coffee with the critters

Work has been very busy, and when I’m not at work I’m at the theatre. Life is good, but I haven’t seen much of home lately (except to collapse, sleep, and do the occasional load of laundry). Kudos to the guys for keeping the home fires burning while I’ve done my “Love you, bye!” fly-bys for the past month or so.

Beanie (the parrot) is happy because she’s enjoying the outside with me. I tried to get a picture of her, but this morning she’s more into “let’s eat the camera” than she is in posing for photos. She’s running through her entire repertoire of whistles and vocabulary, and we’re doing dueling River Kwai March whistles (she’ll start, I’ll pick it up, then she does the next phrase). She hasn’t learned the entire thing yet, but it’s her favorite. Our first Saturday morning routine item is to go outside and clean her cage, then enjoy the garden before it gets too hot. The squirrels, doves, and blue jays all made their breakfast runs this morning. The cardinals are late arrivals. They wait for the sun to come out.

Still hoping to get some beach time in, but it won’t be this weekend. I love the idea, but right now it feels good just to relax , recharge, and watch the flowers bloom and the world go by (or in this case the wildlife).

Gizmo is always up for a trip to the beach



We have shows tonight and tomorrow afternoon. Today my plan is to focus on the house, give the guys a break, and to take care of some of the things on my to-do list. I know most people do spring cleaning, but here in Florida spring and fall are the very best times to get out and do things. The weather is gorgeous, we’re usually between busy tourist times (summer and winter) and cleaning just isn’t that exciting to me. Not that it is now, but I’m a neat freak and summertime, when it’s too darned hot to do much else except go to the beach or hang out around the pool (and we don’t have a pool) are my deep-cleaning/declutter times. We slip outside in the early morning when the temperature is a mere 77 degrees, but once the sun is up it quickly gets too hot to enjoy the outdoors.

This morning I’m catching up on reading, writing, and weeding (having already cleaned the birdcage). Gizmo (above) and Yuki, Tigger, and Tinkerbell (below) are letting me know they’ve missed me.


Now that you’re finally home, we’re not letting you out of our sight.


When it gets too hot to enjoy being outside, I’ll work on the inside list. Maybe by then Xena will be through with her nap.

The reason I'm not doing laundry right now

The reason I’m not doing laundry right now