Stoplight Experiences

“For this week’s challenge, bring together two of your photos into dialogue. What do they say to each other?”

These photos represent my two lives – mild-mannered secretary during the day, stuck in everyday traffic. Sometimes long stoplights can be a blessing as it gave me a chance to admire a rare early morning rainbow in between showers.

Day Job Commute

Day Job Commute

After work, I head for the theatre where I get to step into lives that are not my own – in this case it was Lexie Richards from The Dixie Swim Club – and what fun she was to play! Four wigs, five husbands, wonderful heart. This picture was taken during our last show. In the opening scene, Lexie backs up traffic for miles as she flirts with the very attractive young man selling blueberries at the stoplight. In the play, the blueberry boy isn’t seen. For my last show surprise, our young prop guy (a very talented actor in his own right) dressed up as the tattooed blueberry boy. It was a hoot!

Backstage - Last show of The Dixie Swim Club

Backstage – Last show of The Dixie Swim Club

Being stuck at a traffic light can be a good thing if it gives you a chance to admire a rainbow you otherwise might have missed. But if you’re stuck at a stoplight behind Lexie Richards flirting with a cute young man selling blueberries – look out! You just might be there a while…

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