Weekly Photo Challenge – Nighttime

As followers of my blog know (and the rest of you are about to find out), my life is like an overfilled suitcase – day job as a secretary, night job as an actress, early morning and weekend job as a writer who occasionally draws – I’m always trying to fit one more thing in.

One of my goals was to participate in the weekly photo challenge each week. Easy enough, right? I love photography.

If I still had my late camera, Little Red, this challenge would have been a breeze. Little Red had a setting for everything – even night.

Cell Phone: There she goes again, boo-hooing over that blasted camera. I can take everything she took.

Me: You don’t have a night setting.

CP: Try me.

Smokey Sleeping at Night

Smokey Sleeping at Night

Me: Where’s the cat?

CP: She’s sleeping. Sshhh.

Me: The purpose of entering a photo challenge is to actually see the photo.

CP: Fine. Here.

Smokey Sleeping by Flash

Smokey Sleeping by Flash

Me: Now you can’t tell it’s night.

CP: Tell them it’s midnight.

Me: Little Red would have made a nice candlelight-looking background where you could softly see the kitty sleeping in the lamplight.

CP: Little Red probably committed suicide if you picked at her the way you pick at me.

Me: She did not. And if you die on me, I’ll kill you.

CP: I’m doing the best I can. Look on the bright side. Little Red couldn’t make phone calls or do internet searches for you.

Me: There is that.

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