Cover Art

I didn’t think I would have anything to offer – between my day job, the show (Dearly Beloved at Outside the Box Theatre in Montverde, Florida tonight at 8:00 pm and tomorrow at 2:00 pm), and Toastmasters, life has been full and focused with no time to dabble and little time to rest lately.

I glanced at this week’s challenge, but had no time for it – or so I thought.

The only things I’ve been drawing lately have been gold stars on my to-do list as I tackled housework this morning.

The only thing that has suffered more than my art is my music (will hopefully be back to that next week after the show closes).

So I told myself “I will set the timer for 5 minutes and spend it drawing.”

This is what I do when time is short, obligations are many, and free time is elusive. I set my timer for 5 minutes, or 15, or 1 if it’s a really busy day and do what I can do. Paradoxically, I get a lot done that way.

I was studying a new (to me) art form. I was in search of something fun and free. This said it was, I liked the look, and thought it might be fun to learn. Like a charming but bad boyfriend, it lured me in and I was into it before I realized just how many rules there are.

Black and white only.

I like color.

Size limits. Border limits.

I like free space.

I got annoyed, then frustrated.

Then I asked myself “Why aren’t you making your own rules and developing your own art form? This person did.”

I don’t like black and white. I like color.

Let there be color!

I don’t like little limiting boxes.

I prefer the Grand Canyon.

Enough torture.

I closed my sketchbook and wrote on the front “My sketchbook My rules” as a reminder that this is supposed to be fun.

My sketchbook My rules

My sketchbook
My rules

And then I laughed as I realized I now had something for the photo challenge I had written off as impossible this morning.

Ta da!

And this, my friends, is the power of 5 minutes.

Have a great weekend, y’all! And come see me play a wayward gospel singer in search of Lucky Husband #6 in “Dearly Beloved” tonight at 8 pm or tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 at Outside the Box Theatre in beautiful Montverde, Florida.

Me as Honey Rae in Dearly Beloved

Me as Honey Raye in Dearly Beloved

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