This year's masterpiece

This year’s masterpiece

We had a rare Thanksgiving convergence yesterday of fun, family, time off, and relaxation.

Hubby has been busy at work. I’ve been upgraded to full time. Daughter has been upgraded to full time at her new job. In the past couple of weeks I’ve had a virus, a pulled Achilles tendon, and a root canal. We have a family reunion to attend in another city tomorrow, and our show, Christmas Belles, opens next week, which means after tomorrow I will not see another day off until almost Christmas.

I was in dire need of a day off. A string of them actually, but I’ll take what I can get and be grateful.

As is our tradition, we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, followed by the National Dog Show. We commiserated with the handler of the Min Pin who tried to make a break for it (Daughter and I each have a Min Pin). We’re pretty good at picking the winners – this year Daughter picked #1 – Nathan, the bloodhound. My pick, the Samoyed, was the reserve winner.

It was a rare day of lounging and family time, swapping stories around the dinner table, all of us grateful for another year together.

Our only plans were to eat and relax and we accomplished that. It was time well spent.

I suggested taking family pictures – it’s not often that we’re all together in the same place at the same time. I was outvoted. They negotiated Christmas pics in exchange for a paparazzi-free Thanksgiving.

So I took a picture of this year’s pecan pie instead (I baked a pumpkin one as well, as always, but somehow the pecan is the only one I ever photograph). I still don’t have a camera. (Hear that, Santa?)

Cell Phone: There is nothing wrong with the picture I took. Let go of the camera obsession already!
Me: Don’t start with me.
Cell Phone: You’re the one who started it!
Me: Little Red (my old camera) gave my pecan pie picture a nice warm glow, but whatever.
Cell Phone: Do not blame your lack of cooking skills on me.
Me: My baking skills are excellent, thank you very much.
Cell Phone: Whatever.
Me: I am pricing cameras right now. It’s Black Friday. I should be able to find one on sale.
Cell Phone: Your pie was wonderful. Everyone said so. Truce?

Note the convergence of beautifully shaped pecans into perfect holiday sweetness.

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