Christmas in Florida = Warmth

Contrary to popular belief, it does get cold in Florida, but thankfully here in Central Florida it doesn’t stay cold for long.

Daughter and I spent our day after Christmas shopping money from Santa on Vivofit activity trackers so yesterday morning I decided to try mine out. Between work, the show (Christmas Belles),

Christmas Belles - Outside the Box Theatre

Christmas Belles – Outside the Box Theatre

and me pulling my Achilles tendons on our last hike, the pups and I haven’t been walking lately. They were not pleased, to say the least. I also had X-rays on my foot because it was still bothering me and discovered I have a heel spur (what is up with that?). Nevertheless, it was a beautiful day yesterday, I’m on vacation, and the pups and I needed an outing, so off we went to Smyrna Dunes Park.

It was cool and gorgeous and I was surprised to see how easy it was to cover ground that half killed us during the summer. Dogs are allowed on the boardwalk before 10 a.m. so we decided to go early and see what we had been missing. As it turns out, Tinkerbell, our Chihuahua, who refuses to walk more than a mile on dirt or sand walks quite happily on the boardwalk. Hurrah! Early it is, from now on.

Climbing the observation tower has long been on our list. There wasn’t a lot to see, but at least we can say we did it. Off to the left is the trail we take to our (until now) favorite spot on the beach. The spiky thing sticking up in the distance is Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.

View from Obs Deck

There were joggers, bikers, fishermen, and other people out with their pups (or not) but we were sufficiently spread out so we didn’t encounter each other that often.

The End of the Boardwalk -Ponce Inlet Side

The End of the Boardwalk -Ponce Inlet Side

Reaching the end of the boardwalk was like reaching the Promised Land.

You could land a plane on that beach

You could land a plane on that beach

Just a little over a mile from our car to the end of the boardwalk

Just a little over a mile from our car to the end of the boardwalk

In deference to Tinkerbell, and because I wanted to enjoy the view, I spread out our beach towel so I could take a writing break. At that point we had gone a mile (which is about Tinkerbell’s limit). Yuki, our Japanese Chin and Gizmo, our Pomeranian, would have none of that. Li’l Bit, our min pin, was just glad to be out of the house.

"This is boring."

“This is boring.”

"Why aren't we swimming?"

“Why aren’t we swimming?”

So much for my writing time.

Instead of going back the way we came, I wanted to see just how far it was to our usual beach spot. We followed the beach around the bend. It seems a lot farther on the sand than it did on the boardwalk. Tinkerbell let it be known that she had enough walking on the sand.

"Carry me or leave me here."

“Carry me or leave me here.”

Much to my surprise, the other three dogs loved the walk and had no desire to stop.

Back at the car 2.02 miles later

Back at the car 2.02 miles later

We picked the boardwalk back up at our usual cutoff and Tinkerbell decided she could walk again.

We drove to Flagler Boardwalk where I was able to write and enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean while the pups basked in the sun and napped.

New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach

Looking forward to a thinner me this time next year!

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