Confessions of an Organizing Junkie

This weekend my organizing junkie self has taken over. I filled up the car last night just before the rain hit. The weather was horrible this morning, cold and raining, so Son and I ran errands and did the grocery shopping, arriving home just in time for Hubby’s bacon breakfast.

I got a good amount of organizing done while I was on vacation, but since I’m on doctor’s orders to let my foot rest (heel spur, owie) and that heel got a monster shot yesterday, I vowed to stay in the house today, which I mostly did. Hubby and I attacked the garage. I worked on it for a while, then he joined in. It’s a big garage, but not big enough for two people to work simultaneously, so when the weather cleared (cool and windy, but sunny – hurrah!) I moved out to the yard.

Palmettos Begone!

Palmettos Begone!

It’s been raining quite a bit and when it hasn’t been raining I’ve been at work or at rehearsal (Southern Hospitality opens February 6 at Outside the Box Theatre in the Montverde Town Hall in Montverde, Florida – come see us!).

I am by nature a marathoner. I also like to see the big picture.

This year I decided to downsize from a big planner to one I can fit in my purse. That works to a point. It’s easier to carry, it’s easier to keep up but I’m a big picture person and I like to see where all my projects are at a glance. So I made my own. I have one for housework and yard work dailies and one for my writing. I’m probably going to do one as well for art just because. This is my housework one. It just covers daily pickup. The weeklies (sweep/mop/dust/laundry) I have no trouble with as I usually do those on the weekends. I do a 5-minute pickup in each room Monday-Saturday, pick a room a week to declutter, and then relax (or catch up) on Sunday. I get bored easily and like to be flexible, so sometimes I’ll do one room’s allotment for the whole week instead of a little each day. As long as everything gets checked off by the end of the week (or month) things stay in balance. I like to put an ‘X’ through each day as I do it and then draw myself a gold star in the “Done” column when I’m through with a category. It makes me feel as though I’ve accomplished something. And since I like neat rows, even when I don’t necessarily feel like it I’ll finish a row. Whatever works.

For January I did well the first week (and by that I mean the last week of December plus the first few days of January, which technically I counted as last year). Since January 5, it’s been catch up time ever since. (In my defense, I didn’t concoct this brilliant plan until January 23rd when I was doing my check in for January (when I look back, see where I am versus where I had planned to be and ask “what happened?”). I figured out that I couldn’t see the forest for the trees so I decided to climb a little higher and get a broader view. Looking at what I accomplished yesterday, this was a good move.

Wish I had thought of this sooner, but better late than never!

Surveying the forest. Wish I had thought of this sooner, but better late than never!

February's List

February’s List

For February I’m going to try the “work ahead” method I used to do when our children were small. Back then I learned to do things in small bites and they did add up. The children are grown now, but I find five minutes here and there still add up. I would work ahead so by the time I got to Sunday everything was done and I could relax. It’s demoralizing to get to the end of the week, see a bunch of unchecked boxes and feel as though I have to catch up when I’m already exhausted.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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