Weekly Photo Challenge – On the Way

On the way

On the way

As some of you have noticed, I haven’t been around much lately. My workload was upped to a 5-day week a few months ago (before this Fridays were my writing and clean the house days). I just ended a wonderfully fun but exhausting run of 5 shows in a row with only a week or so in between them (and sometimes not even that). It’s been a blast, but I didn’t realize just how exhausted I was until my body said “If you try to move, I will hurt you.” A round of allergies, migraines, and whatever bug is floating around conspired to flatten me out (except for the day job) and I entered a phase of popping pain killers to survive at work, collapsing on the couch once I got home.

I do fine as long as I stay in motion – it’s when I stop that everything crashes. The cats and dogs were overjoyed that I was home and we caught up on cuddle time as I went through my backlog of home improvement and wedding dress shows.

The pups haven’t complained too much about our lack of walking. It’s hot and they don’t like the heat, but even they decided enough was enough.

I wasn’t well enough yet to get through an entire day headache-free (apparently I am a human barometer who can feel fronts moving in and in spring and fall they really mess with me). Since I was feeling pretty good yesterday (at least enough to say “when did we last get out?”) and the pups were raring for an outing, we went up to Gemini Springs – our favorite escape when we need to get out of the city but can’t quite make it to the beach.

Our destination really was Gemini Springs, so in a sense we weren’t on the way there. We had arrived. But I am on the way from overscheduling (though my theory is if I can fit it in, I’m not really overscheduled) to balance. My theatre tank is full, my work tank is full, but my family (human, canine, feline, avian), my garden, my home need their time, too. My writing projects are crying for attention, the garage is full of stuff that needs to go elsewhere, and I am on the way to correcting all of that.

Hopefully I am also on the way to writing full time at my beach house in a true escape from chaos but only time will tell about that.

Hello, my friends! I’ve missed you. Thank you for checking on me and missing me while I was away.

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