Close Up on Our Girls’ Day Out

Close Up of My Garden Beastie with Pink Vinca

Close Up of My Garden Beastie with Pink Vinca

Once upon a time, when we were both off on Fridays, Daughter and I made it a point to get together and spend the day catching up and enjoying ourselves. Those days are few and far between since we both work full time now. That makes it even more precious when our schedules do coincide.

Close Up of Our Watermelon Plants

Close Up of Our Watermelon Plants

It was an easy day. We were not on the hunt for anything in particular. In fact, we are both in “save” mode rather than “spend” mode. (Me for a beach house or car repair whichever comes first – I’m pulling for the beach house – and a sectional sofa for the living room so we can have Christmas in the big room this year).

Over brunch at our favorite local diner (Linda’s Winter Park Diner if you happen to be in Winter Park, Florida) where we caught up with the owner’s daughter about her new baby and she caught up with us as to where the heck we’ve been lately. One of the things we love about this diner is no matter how busy they are (and they are always busy) they remember us and precisely when we were in last.

One of the things we laugh and marvel about is we have much better shopping days together than we do apart. Yesterday was no exception. And when we get hunches about where to go, we go there. We are convinced that my mother and my mother-in-law accompany us in spirit and we are also convinced that our guardian angels scout ahead for things on our wish list and whisper to us where we should go.

One of the things on Daughter’s list was a pair of Tribble slippers for an upcoming convention where she and her friends are going as Star Trek characters. So we popped into the neighborhood Goodwill Boutique (where they also know us, remember us, and ask about us when we go missing) and the first thing we saw on the shoe rack was a pair of mismatched fuzzy slippers. It wasn’t until we were in the check out line that Daughter discovered a weird blocky thing inside them and – they were actual licensed Star Trek Tribble slippers! And they make the Tribble sound! We laughed about that all day.

Star Trek Tribble Slippers!

Close Up of Daughter and Her Star Trek Tribble Slippers!

Daughter also had a meetup with fellow doll collectors and picked up a new doll. These dolls are amazing – true works of art!

Close Up of Daughter's New Doll

Close Up of Daughter’s New Doll

It ended up being a “spend” not “save” day – but we stayed on budget and met our criteria of 1. it has to be something that’s on our list and 2. it has to be perfect. Done and done! Together.

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